Mircea's Wooden Box

Mircea's Wooden Box

Est. 2019

About the Project

I enjoy creating small, fun and engaging projects for the world to see. I hope I can entertain, encourage, and help others but also create a nice and peaceful community while making this journey. I may also work with other people on some projects but that will be specified when it is the case.

My name is Mircea Ionescu and I am the person behind this.


Here is a small description of what sort of projects I've created

Published small games

Published small games

I have made and published a few games on Android and iOS. The biggest project got 20K+ downloads.

Experiments with websites

Creative websites

I have made a few creative websites such as a Terminal-like website and a random colour generator.

Experiments with websites


I make articles about tech and the things I commonly use such as Godot, Raspberry Pi and more.


You can get in touch by sending me an email to [email protected] or by clicking the button below.

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